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Vissco Silicone Medial Arch Support

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The silicone medial arch support helps to maintain the arch of the foot. It helps to align and reduce load on the foot and helps in reducing pain

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One of the leading causes of leg and lower back pain is poor footwear. Sometimes, the fit of a shoe can be improved by using an arch support; especially for those with flat feet, or frequent activities that increase the risk of ankle injuries. The Vissco Medial Arch Support helps to maintain normal medial arch position, providing optimum support and comfort.

When to Use

  • Flat foot
  • Aching and tired feet

Benefits Of Use

  • Cures the flat foot
  • Restores foot structure to a natural position by supporting the arches properly


  • Soft Support
  • Soft Padding
  • Ergonomic Fit

How to Use

  • To be used while wearing shoes

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